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OTO Nom-i allows you to keep a complete record of delivery processes and laboratory tests on the goods received.

From submission to invoicing, OTO Nom-i covers the entire management process for companies operating in the food industry.

Indeed, OTO Nom-i is designed to assist you in the reception and weighing of incoming products by communicating with a truck scale, helping you to manage the results of quality controls on the product well and monitoring your stock while you offering a permanent view on visual alarms thus preventing you from falling out of stock or exceeding your storage capacity, and finally in a simple and user-friendly interface OTO Nom-i allows you to manage your invoicing well.

Logistics solutions

Increase your income and reduce your expenses with our PC, Web and Mobile solutions. SOFTBEC provides you with a range of ERP / CRM applications and software that will allow you to easily get started with your business.

If you don't offer it, we can design it for you.

T.I. at your service

Manage your business! We take care of your IT!

Our IT technicians are always up to date with new market technologies. Without a doubt, they will be able to help you push the technological barriers further and overcome the limits of the technology that causes you so many pitfalls..


Automate your processes with tailor-made solutions tailored to your business needs.

Combine PLCs with your management software capable of informing you at all times of the state of your production. Accompanied by an experienced team (composed of engineers, technicians, electricians, etc.), we will put together unique solutions that reflect your reality.

Contrat de service

Le contrat de service vous assure de toujours être à la fine pointe de la technologie.



par mois

+50$/mois par licence
+25$/mois par module
Mises à jour du logiciel
Durée minimum : 2 ans



par mois

+50$/mois par lincence
+25$/mois par module
Mise à jour du logiciel
Support technique 24/7 : 2h/mois (reportable)
+1h de support technique / mois par licence
1 rapport / billet personnalisé
Backup de la base de données sur le oCloud
Durée minimum : 2 ans